Bradley® Birth Classes

Bradley® is a comprehensive childbirth education course that focuses on natural ways to cope with labor. Other topics include staying healthy and low risk through pregnancy, the role of a birth coach, breastfeeding, postpartum care, and more. This series is highly recommended by the midwives at Allen Birth Center. The classes are a mix of birth center, home birth, and hospital couples.

Upcoming Start Dates (subject to change)

Stacy Hutchins 214-458-3073

  • May 25th
  • Aug 10th
  • Oct 19th

Shelly Britain 214-491-9941

  • May 27th
  • Aug 12th
  • Oct 21

Please note these birth classes ARE NOT included in your birth fee at Allen Birthing Center.

You do not have to be a client of ABC to enroll in a class.

Tuition fees, class dates, and class space is determined by each individual teacher, please contact them directly with questions.


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