For The Newsletter

Each month we want our newsletter to reflect YOU! Without our clients and supporters this newsletter and blog would be pointless.

Please feel free to submit any information you think out readers would enjoy. Here’s what we’re looking for or feel free to get creative and submit something out of the box:

Birthday Announcements: feel free to include your child’s first name (middle name and/or nickname can be included as well), date of birth, and their age.  If you’d like to add a picture and their birth story we’ll include that as well.

Birth Stories: even if it’s not your kiddos birthday, feel free to send us your ABC birth story to be an inspiration to other moms.

Ask the Midwife Questions: ever have a random question about how the birth center is run? submit your questions and our midwives will answer. We cannot answer specific medical questions in a public forum though.

Personal Articles: what to be featured as the main story on out newsletter or have your own BirthBuzz Blog post? The topics are virtually limitless, breastfeeding, potty training, raising children, fun things to do with the little ones, YOU PICK!

Fun Facts: have an awesome/random/interesting fact about pregnancy or birth? We’ll add it to our “did you know” section

If you would like to submit any information for the newsletter please email us at with “For the Newsletter” in the subject. Submissions for each month’s issue must be in by the 25th of the previous month. If we do not use your article right away it may be used in the future.

Thank you for your support!


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