Isaiah’s Home Birth

My son, Isaiah, was born at home in September of 2006.  I labored for a while into the night on my own and called Amy at 1 to tell her it was time.  I could tell she thought I was too calm but indulged me and came over anyway.  It turns out I was at 6 centimeters already.  I got the quick bag of antibiotics for Strep B and then got in the tub.  This birth was so different from my hospital births.  I felt calm and peaceful as my body was opening and Isaiah and I were doing the dance to bring him to the other side.  When he came out he was calm and already observant.  He weighed 9 pounds, 6 ounces, coming in as the middle-weight infant in my family.  Because he was born naturally and on my terms and my turf I required no stitches.

Later that day he was already holding his head up and keeping his eyes open, and although I was tired from being up all night I was exhilarated from the birth.  It was like the best roller coaster ride I could imagine.  I teach yoga and practiced up until his birth and I think that plus the peaceful conditions of his entry into the world have given him a foundation for a peaceful personality.  He is calm and emotionally wise beyond his years.  I’m grateful to Amy and Babs for witnessing and assisting my home birth!

By Mom: Brandie


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